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We can solve your ant problem with a pest exterminator in Rochester, NY

Do you know everything there is to know about ants? Let Ultimate Pest Control  in Rochester, NY, be your source for education! As a pest exterminator, we are happy to inform you of the many types, including carpenter and pavement ants.

Carpenter ants

The most common ant in the New York area that causes homeowners to seek professional help is the Carpenter Ant. They are the most noticeable of ants in and around the home being large and usually blackish, perhaps with some faintly grayish bands on the abdomen. Others may have some reddish or purplish coloration to the middle of their body. These ants can cause serious damage to wood by excavating galleries, which somewhat resembles the work of termites but can be distinguished by their very clean sandpapered appearance. Sawdust or wood shavings found in andaround the home, is usually an indication of a nest being excavated nearby, but very often it goes unnoticed being deposited inside a wall void. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, but they hollow out areas for nesting.

Pavement ants

Pavement ants typically are light to dark brown and sometimes have a reddish tint. Appendages are usually lighter than the rest of the body. The size of the ants within a colony will be very consistent averaging one-tenth of an inch, although the winged reproductives can be much larger. Pavement ants prefer sandy soil and usually live underground, but nests can also be found indoors in walls and under floors.

They will feed on many things, but prefer greasy and or sweet foods. They can be a particular nuisance in and around homes with slab-on-grade construction and any basement dwellings. Since they live underground, entry into a home can be obtained through hairline cracks in the foundation or basement floor even in the middle of winter.